Promotional Mugs are a great way to increase the awareness of your brand, represent your company at product launches, fairs and commercial events. Ideal for interacting with your audience. It's also the perfect accessory for your office or workplace every day.

You'll create a professional look for your business by choosing tailored printed mugs to your personalized company that gives visitors or customers the right impression.

4 Reasons to Give Mugs for Promotional Purposes

Giving something free for promotional purposes may seem like a risky move. However, promotional products consistently lead to better results than other types of ads. Here are the reasons why we recommend a Ceramic Mug or Porcelain Cup or Coffee Cup specific to your company, brand or slogan:

1. Customers' discretion

Unlike advertising, promotional products are not annoying and do not stay away from the customer experience. Whether it's coffee, tea or hot chocolate, everyone likes a hot drink from time to time. Promotional mugs cups offer something valuable that encourages your customers to trust and admire your business.

2. Gifts Provide Incentives

It's no coincidence that diplomats give gifts before diving into tense negotiations. A thoughtful gesture sets a positive tone for the rest of the conversation. Give customers a reason to overturn their protection; so you don't have to work hard to get "yes."

Customers who are not in purchase mode can change their minds with a tiny gift.

3. Marketing Access Above Average

Every marketing campaign is "Am I really reaching my target audience?" He raises his question. In marketing, we focus on creating ideal conditions to make customers more receptive. Your message only reaches your audience when timing and motivation are correct.

With promotional products, you don't want people to spend money or make an important commitment. Customers have little reason or reason to reject a gift, so your promotional message is more likely to reach the audience.

On average, only 20 percent of consumers assign promotional products, according to a survey. By contrast, 68 percent of consumers skip online ads, 66 percent move away from TV ads, and 50 percent ignore unwanted emails.

4. Increase in Recognition of Branded Products

If you think customers forgot your business name as soon as you deliver your gift, you're wrong. Nine out of 10 remember brands in promotional products, and 7 out of 10 remember stourge.

Promotional Mugs

have high potential to bring customers into your brand. An avid coffee and tea drinker likes to collect a diverse collection of mugs. And every time they consume a hot drink, your brand is on display for other people to see.

For this reason, we offer you alternatives to printed mugs and coffee cups including branded (Porland, Güral Porcelain, Kutahya Porcelain, etc.) or unbranded ceramics, porcelain, glass.

Our company will be happy to help you choose the right images and style for your mugs.


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