What is the difference between porcelain Mug and Ceramic Mug?

Porcelain is made of better quality white clay than used for ceramics. Porcelain is hardened at a much higher temperature than ceramics. Clay is fired in centrifuge up to 1260 degrees to produce a hard, strong and translucent pottery with a typically white and very smooth surface. A secret is applied to the final floor. Porcelain mugs are non-stick, poreless and dishwasher washable and ideal for use at work or outdoors. The quality of these cups and cups is high. In addition to the promotion, alternatively, ideal for restaurants, hotels, meeting rooms, and offices. Porcelain has a more aesthetic appearance than ceramic. The surface of porcelain is softer and smoother than ceramic...

How should we wash and use your products?

Thanks to its high degree of furnace, it is not possible to fade in their colors. Suitable for microwave use. The dishwasher can be washed with peace of mind at 50°C and suitable for use in the refrigerator. However, it is recommended not to use it in the freezer. Extreme cold can cause the products to break. Suitable for use in microwave ovens. However, contact with heated oven and bare fever should be avoided. This causes products to break...

What is The Material of Your Products?

The raw material of our products is soil. By adding completely ecological substances, its durability and resistance to germs are increased. Due to the high temperature of different raw materials and cooking heat, its durability and water absorption are high. It is easy to clean, taste and smell does not digest and does not contain germs.

Are Your Products Suitable for Food Contact?

Yes. All of our products are made of ecological materials and are completely healthy products.

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