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What is the difference between porcelain Mug and Ceramic Mug?

Porcelain is made of better quality white clay than used for ceramics. Porcelain is hardened at a much higher temperature than ceramics. Clay is fired in centrifuge up to 1260 degrees to produce a hard, strong and translucent pottery with a typically white and very smooth surface. A secret is applied to the final floor. Porcelain mugs are non-stick, poreless and dishwasher washable and ideal for use at work or outdoors. The quality of these cups and cups is high. In addition to the promotion, alternatively, ideal for restaurants, hotels, meeting rooms, and offices. Porcelain has a more aesthetic appearance than ceramic. The surface of porcelain is softer and smoother than ceramic. Porcelain material is lighter than ceramic and is light color. Porcelain is more resistant to cold and fading than ceramic.

Ceramic is made of glazed clay to permanently harden clay using heat in a oven and make it impermeable against liquids. Within our promotional ceramic mug series, we offer several different types of MUGS from expert manufacturers and can be used for office and workplace promotions. Ceramic mugs are ideal because they are easy to clean and durable. Cups can be used for coffee, tea and soups and are an ideal way to promote your organization when holding a meeting. Ceramicist and opaque, and porcelain is open, transparent and translucent. Ceramicist is usually more porous and perforated.

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